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When there is money to be Rs gold
10-25-2019, 08:45 AM
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When there is money to be Rs gold
"Function which should be already done by Jagex" listen man.... Idk if you know just how many mmo's work but Osrs gold ALL OF THEM have some kinds of robots to make money to market to the present lazy player foundation. It is not a simple fix as hello press one button and most of the bots are eradicated,

there is not 1 algorithm that will just automatically detect every single type of bot in a games system, and there is not one easy solution for this. In terms or providing bot quitting alternatives runescapes probably on the forefront in contrast to any other firm because their currency is steadily being marketed compared to other matches.

When there is money to be Buy Rs gold made, people can and will discover a means around security systems to create a profit. The men and women who complain about it as well hey you've got an alternative, play as a fucking ironman and you will not ever need to think about that because you'll need to gather the materials to get yourself.

But folks won't really do that because they are lazy. Don't just sit on your pedestal and go around stating jagex ought to have done something about this already or they're not doing something about it. . It is a fucking dumb statement created by fucking dumb men and women who do not know how hard security really is, especially for elderly games.
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